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April 30, 2012
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In enemy hands by Genkkis In enemy hands by Genkkis
This is the cover of the Honor Harrington's novel "In enemy hands" - 1 written by David Weber, by courtesy of L'atalante Publishing.

Release : May 2012

Official website of L'atalante publishing : [link]

See you soon for the next one :)

Voici la couverture de "Aux mains de l'ennemi" - 1 écrit par David Weber, avec l'aimable autorisation des éditions L'atalante.
Parution : Mai 2012

Site officiel des éditions l'Atalante : [link]

A bientôt pour la prochaine :)

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Vi3t-Tam Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012   Writer
Wow... I just found this today after searching for images of "Battle of Manticore". Wow. Magnifique. I too wish we had such detailed covers in North America, but then again I buy the pocket version. Plus, the illustrator here is named David Mattingly, whom I must assume is relevant to David Weber simply with the name. Je ne savais pas que l'Honovers? (c'est quoi Honorverse en français?) est traduit. And with twice the covers too =]

I don't know if you've ever seen this trailer? They also reduced the size of the wedge. Too bad it's a game that never will be...

Oh and one last thing before I stop procrastinating: your treecats (what are they called in French?) actually look fluffy and cute. Sur les plus vieux livres, on dirait des lynx. Sur les plus récent, on dirait des... « displacer beast » de Donjons et Dragons.
Genkkis Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hello :)

I wondered why you speak english and few words in a good French. And I've seen that you are canadian, so it's less strange ;)

I'm happy that you like my work.
In French we have kept the word "Honorverse", it's clear enough for us.
And we have two covers because the French edition is divided int two volumes. The books of this publisher are smaller than american version. So they have to divide the novel or the final version would be too thick (like a kind of "pavement-stone" ).

And yes, I know this trailer. It's sad that the game never won't be.

In French we call treecats "les Chats sylvestres", do you understand these words ? I think that it's a good choice for them.

Have a nice day :)
Pokermind Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
I love your art, in this one we see a treecat tending towards the author's vision, but I think his written description of a weasel like body means even more grasile body. Three fingers not four, and longer fingers than human hands. The tail is usually flat with a hairless griping surface on the bottom side and fur on the top, it's curled into a tube only in the cold of winter and should not look like a normal Terrain cat's tail. It's prehensile visit a zoo and look at American howler monkeys and their use of a prehensile tail for inspiration if you want one in a tree.

tirandys Featured By Owner May 4, 2012
Oh, excellent, thank you very much!
MaxTerran Featured By Owner May 3, 2012
oh man nice one i like this book too but man the prisen planet is something i really like about it, it reminds me of march up countery lol just without the Mardukans lolz but hey it could be worst
Ancharite Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
This is a gorgeous composition. Especially Honor and Nimitz amidst the wreckage.

A good job on the Prince Adrian. It's difficult in that I don't think the physics of the honorverse lend itself well to visual interpretation. Impeller drives are much larger and laser heads would be detonating from well "off page" as it were, but this captures the feeling of it beautifully.

If I have one critique it's about the Ransom side of the image. I think the banners in the background are too sharp for the rest of the piece when seen all at once as it is here, although I could see how it works when bent around a book and therefore is on its own.

But Ransom herself looks wrong to me. I always pictured her dressed in something more civilian and unique. She hated the military and all of the trappings of rules and honor implied by it. More importantly she saw herself above everyone around her and as The defender of "citizens." I understand how State Security is supposed to be the parallel of Soviet, Nazi, and other internal security organizations, but at the same time I would think her personality would be insulted by the concept of wearing any type of uniform. She doesn't see herself as part of Public Information or State Security, she sees those organizations as her tools to do with as she sees fit.
Genkkis Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Than you :)

About the spaceship (and all that stuff): yes, that's true, I can't respect 100% of the history/universe because it won't be good to create an illustration. You can't see a ship from abother one, the wrecks are so huge that you can't draw a ship and his wrecks like I did them, etc.
So I have to make a mix between the rules of this universe and the "rules" to obtain a good illustration ^^

About the look of Ransom. Well, I think that you are right. She hates military so much that it would be impossible for her to wear a unifom. On the moment, when I drew her, I've forgot that part of the character. I wanted to draw the "quintessence" (don't know if you have the same word in english) of her and all her service in one person. If I have to draw her again, I think that I will give her a dress. :)

Thanks for your advice ;)
Valkyrja-Skuld Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
Yessss, une nouvelle couverture! :-)
Avec cette fanatique psychopathe de Cordelia Ransom. S'il y a bien un des caractères que j'ai vraiment détesté dans la saga, c'est celle-là. Elle porte un manteau qui me rappelle les officiers soviétiques de la NKVD, je suppose que cela n'est pas dû au hasard. Nimitz est tout mignon...quoique le voir dans une scène où il est moins mignon ne m'aurait pas déplu: celle ou il saute à la figure du garde havrien qui agresse Honor.
Pas mal de représenter ce croiseur avec ses bandes gravifiques...à moins que ce ne soit celles de la petite pinasse savamment trafiquée par ce bon vieux Horace Harkness!
Genkkis Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
En effet ça n'est pas un hasard, je me suis inspiré de vêtements russes/soviétiques et chinois. En terme d'uniforme, je trouve que l'urss, la chine communiste et l'allemagne sont de bonnes sources d'inspiration pour ce genre de contexte.
J'aurai aussi voulu dessiner Nimitz se jetant au visage des gardes tandis qu'Honor en "explose" un autre. Cette scène soulage énormément quand elle arrive enfin, on regrette juste que Cordelia s'en sorte in extremis. Elle méritait bien une balafre ou un nez en contre relief :D.

Hélas, cette scène n'a pas lieu dans le premier tome. De plus, ça aurait montré une image qui n'est pas forcément représentative de l'histoire en elle-même. Une couverture doit être une sorte de résumé de tout le livre. Du coup je ne peux pas toujours représenter une scène spécifique. Aussi chouette soit-elle. A moins qu'elle symbolise bien l'ambiance du roman dans son ensemble ou que ce soit LA scène par excellence (combat au sabre dans pavillon d'exil, bataille dans coûte que coûte, etc).

Je voulais plus mettre sur l'accent sur la détresse d'Honor (entre ses sentiments pour Havre Blanc et sa reddition) et le lien qui se renforce avec Nimitz...
Ca fait 2 fois que je veux le dessiner dans une scène de combat : pavillon d'exil et ici... J'espère avoir l'occasion de le faire un jour...

A propos du vaisseau, dans mon esprit c'est plutôt le croiseur d'Honor au moment où elle est vaincue et capturée.

Voilà, vous savez tout, ou presque
Valkyrja-Skuld Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
Oui c'est juste, cette fameuse scène avec Nimitz a lieu dans le second n'y avais pas prêté attention.
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